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Finemere Woods (Buckinghamshire)

The woods were lovely today. Many butterflies starting to appear. I saw Brimstones, Orange Tips, a speckled Wood butterfly – and quite a lot of white ones, which could have been small whites.

Cuckoo flower. likes roadside verges and damp places

Bush Vetch – member of the pea and clover family. Good for bees.

Mouse ear – considered a weed of cereal crops. Grows throughout the UK.

The Speckled Wood butterfly tends to be found in woodland. It prefers to feed on honeydew. Honeydew is a sugar-rich liquid secreted by aphids and other insects while they feed on plant sap. The Speckled Wood is not threatened. More information from Butterfly Conservation.

The Small White butterfly is extremely common. Its larvae feed on the cabbage family of plants and are considered a pest in the garden. Note the grey tinge on the wings.