Sviyazhsk Island



Sviyazhsk Island is situated on the Volga 60 km from Kazan. It was from this island that Ivan The Terrible launched his assault on Kazan in 1552. (He conquered the Kazan Khanate; see here). The wooden fortress was constructed upstream on the Volga at Uglich and floated downstream to Sviyazhsk where the numbered parts were re-assembled. Today there is a small resident population as well as an active monastry, several churches, and some historial buildings.

1. Constantine and Helen Church – built late 17th Century. (Source: )

2. Durring the Soviet period this building was a psychiatric institutuon. Political offenders were sent here. Note the foreboding and closed in design of the building. Imagine how your heart must have felt as you were led up the drive… Today the building is used for a school.

3. Assumption Monastery. Church In the Name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The monastery was built by Ivan the Terrible at the time of his conquest of the Kazan Khanate in the 1550s and was intended as a centre from which to conduct missionary work in the conquered lands. The foundations for the Church were laid in 1555. The bell tower was added in the 17th century. Considerable restoration work has been done in recent years. (Source:


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