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муса джалиль was a Soviet Tartar poet and resistance fighter. He was actively involved in the Kosmonol – the Soviet Youth organisation – in the 1920s. However (according to WikiPedia) he was at odds with Stalin. During the war he served as a war correspondent. He was captured by the Germans and forced to take part in an anti-Soviet Volga-Tartar unit which the Germans had organised. However; with a group of sabateours he subverted this unit so that when the unit was sent to the front it immediately munitinied and joined the resistance. муса джалиль was subsequently captured by the Gestapo and eventually murdered in a prison in Berlin. Under Stalin it was common for people who had acted bravely but nonetheless been captured to be denounced. This happened to муса джалиль but he was subsequently rehabilitated and awarded the honour ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’. (Source: WikiPedia).

The text at the top of the image reads:

Я клятву дал — служить своей Отчизне,
Пока живая кровь гудит во мне.
Да если б ты имел и сотню жизней,
Ты разве их не отдал бы стране!..

This is from Musa Cälil’s poem ‘Friend’. A rough translation is:

I gave an oath – to serve the homeland,
While the life blood flows in me.
Yes, if you had a hundred lives,
How could you not give them to the country! ..

Possibly the text at the bottom of the image is the Tartar version of this poem.

Click here for the full text of the poem. I believe that the poem was originally written in the Tartar language. (Which explains why the Russian versions on the Internet vary so much).

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